Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bike Sow (pig) Status achieved for certain question about it....when I finally managed to prie Master Daanen's Ti fingered grip from that Smoothie of his, and nestled it in the trunk of the Max yesterday afternoon, I certainly put myself into a diff catagory. Bike-Pig status, perhaps, has already been attained previously by many of us...but certainly I can say that the Bike Lab is filthy full of slop and bikefull waste since ya really don't need a high zoot suspender Ti Steamboat built super bike. But what the heck...At least I know it will always be there and as long as I take care of her, she will be there with me when I am pedalin the hills of Tsali and Fruita and Santa Cruz till it's time for a knee replacement.
So there.... now I feel better. It's totally justified. When I am 80 some years old and Bdog is trying to hold my wheel down in the hills of SC in the year 2045, I guess I can say I was right that this bike is totally justified and is a bike built to ride a lifetime on. I wonder if he will be riding his shiny or the Tweck?


Friday, November 04, 2005

Not a epic Moab ride but it felt like it.....

MM might have Moab to boast about, but my ride yesterday felt as good as a bad day in Moab (there are no bad days when you are in Moab). I managed to get guide the Shark all the way out to Haf's apple orchard near Lake Geneva and the knee didn't complain once. Even took the long way home and stretched it out to a full 2 hr ride. It'll be a while till I fill out the left side of my bike shorts but I have to tell you that it feels so good to ride. At this point I can at least say my quad is bigger than my knee...certainly this wasn't the case a while back.

THE Bike Lab has been working with a few new customers lately which has been nice. Once the USCA guys verify that the only criminal acts in my resume are ignoring my neighbor Bruce, and that I have stolen chain lube from Bdog on race day, I hope to actually have my first level coaches license. No big hurry to actually start coaching but it looks like I have some tentative folks lined up starting December.

Hope it's a good Iceman for all my riding buds,


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Criminal Verification

Just found out today that I have to pay an additional fee to verify that I'm not a criminal in order to continue the process of becoming a cycling coach in USAC. They increased the fee for the coaches license by over 10 % in order to do this. Wow.

I wonder if they are going to find out I have a single speed?


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My first ride!!! Hooo AAAAHHHH !!!!!!! got it!!! Last night I aired up the tires on my trusty Landshark, unleashed it from the trainer in the Bike Lab, put on the team kit and went out for my first ride. You can't imagine the grin on my face simply riding out of the subdivision as I headed west with the sunshine in my face. I couldn't hold back and made it all the way out to Wilmot for an out and back time of 50min with an avg speed of 16. My longest ride on the trainer prior to this has only been 30 min and hardly the resistance I did coming back on the rollers from Wilmot. I was glad that I didn't have any problems or swelling today. The small ring is now my friend but it's just a temporary buddy as I did sample the big ring on occasion :)

While there have been tons of folks that have supported me since June 19, I couldn't wait to share that first "real" ride with Kay. We even had plans to go out to Twin Oaks and celebrate afterwards. Until recently, she was there to talk to every single day since way back shortly after the incident. She is the one who was there for me to lean on when I struggled, when the ROM sessions felt like someone was sticking a fork under my knee cap, when I was depressed about "maybe never being able to come back", about worries if the pain might prevent me from riding again. It's always nice when someone is there to be supportive, encourage, and say nice things at the right time. She also gave me some nice stuff from Spri to keep my core and other body parts working while I was kind a limited doing stuff. I havn't seen or heard from her in a while so it seems she lost interest or got distracted with something more meaningful. Glad I "never quit" and I intend to carry this momentum all the way through the winter and be ready in spring. At this point I am hoping to leave in the hardware till Oct. 2006 in hopes of being able to skate ski, snowshoe and ride this winter.

Well, please keep me in the loop for easy flat rides on the weekend from here on out. I am looking forward to hooking up with the Rock and DY and Jay and everyone else that will pull us along on the windy days.

Best of rides always !

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Heres my update

Just read last weeks post on Thurs. Same ol'e news this week.

How many days till the first Doc ride of 06? Gosh I need a bike ride.


Thursday, September 29, 2005

one of those days....

Do you ever have one of those days or weeks that you just wish ya could Fast Forward through?...or maybe better yet that you could rewind and then flip the channel to have it turn out like something else?
Why does life have to be so darn complicated? Man I need a bike ride really bad right now....
On another note:
I am so close to being able to walk up the stairs normal I can taste it.


Monday, September 26, 2005

3 months down the trail and Thanks!!!

So..this past week was my 3 month anniversary of the Balistic Deer Kneecap Breaking Incident. I am really thankful of the progress and current situation. I am also super thankful for everyone that has, and continues to motivate me to get back to the bike.
Kay has been super motivating, and her training has inspired me to use this time to work on strength and ROM more than I could on my own. I really appreciate this a bunch. She thinks I am just going to be a cyclist when I am all healed up but I am thinking I might have to buys some running shoes and put the smack down on a duathlon next summer. She thinks she can take me. After I put her in her place on that, I am going to do a TriGeek-a-thon and make sure she knows I am not "just a cyclist", and that I am a fast dude...Period.

At this point my ROM numbers are big. Bigger is better and the number right now is 127ish deg. My good leg is 139ish so even if I get to 135ish by Christmas I will exceed original expecations for ROM in both recovery time and deg. The quad is coming back and is starting to resemble something like it's old self. The knee is kinda big yet and I have to accept that this is going to continue look bigger than "pre deer" for at least another year or so. Most likely it won't look as sexy as it used to but thats long as i can hammer off the front and make Bdog cry for his mama on windy rides next spring is all that matters.
The doc told me today that my recovery is going as fast as he could possibly expect, and that it's going much faster than he has ever seen before. Apparently he was one of the few that didn't know how fast I am. Doc Scott did the Schewamy and finished a respectable 3:15 so thats cool. Today I basically gave up 20 bucks of copay to talk about the FTF race. It could be worse.

I am really happy to hear about the Rocks recovery. Going to see him on Tues night. Recovery rides this winter will have true meaning for sure.

HEY!!! Did everyone hear that Jeremey knocked out the first top 10 of his WORS career? Nice one Dude !!!!'s official that as of today I am official deeper into the 40 somthin age cat. I think the 40-44 State TT title next Aug is a good objective for me now that I am thinkin about age groupers. Anyways...Happy Bday to me.

Have a good week !